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Your website will not just be another "corporate brochure". Your website will be designed to convert site traffic into paying customers. The industry average for phone calls or form submission from a website is 5%-12% of visitors. The websites we design for roofers have an average conversion rate of 20%-40%. This means that every 100 clicks your website gets, you'll get 20-40 phone calls and form submissions on average.

Your roofing business needs a website that turns website visitors into paying customers and we know exactly how to make that happen.  Isn't it time you ditch the corporate brochure?

Your roofing website will be designed with search engine optimization in mind. Your website will be fast loading and designed for search engines to be able to find your website in local search results. Your website will help you rank organically and help you break into the coveted google local 3 pack. Your website will be designed with well written pages full of keywords that will make you show up when customers are searching for you.

Your roofing business needs a website that matches your brand and looks good across all devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile. Your website will show all of your services, staff, and recent work. Get a website from us for your roofing business you are proud of and use it to make a great first impression with your customers. A website is the foundation to your roofing business.

Everything You Need To Know For A Roofing Website

Introduction : If you had a roofing business 20 years ago, you understood the importance of having your roofing business listed in the phone book. The internet has revolutionized the way we do business. In the past, roofing companies could rely on word-of-mouth and print advertising to bring in new customers. But today, potential customers are looking online for roofing businesses like yours. With phonebooks being a thing of the past, people have gone from flipping through the big yellow book, to thumbing through search engines for the same result. 

Without a website, you have a zero chance of those searchers coming across you on the internet and doing business with you. With 85%+ of consumers searching the internet to discover local roofing businesses, it’s almost as if you don’t even exist without a website. So you need a website. We got that down. 

Can I make a website myself? With hundreds of website building platforms out there it is possible to build your own website. However, you should keep these factors in mind when creating your website 

Visual: 85.5% of users decide whether or not they want to do business with a company by how their website looks at first glance. Your customers see professional websites everyday and can tell the difference between a poorly designed and optimized website and a professional website. Having a professional website builds credibility, choppy websites can look like scam sites and scare people away.

 Important parts of websites for roofers :

Brand Consistency: Colors placed strategically throughout your website that reflect your roofing company logo and branding add a professional and trusting tone to your site.

Images: Having images in your site create visual appeal. Humans are visual creatures. Sites with images & video capture more attention, and activate more emotion, having them interact more with our brand. Original photos should be used whenever possible. Customers voted and the results are in. They like authentic & real photos from roofing businesses. People want to connect with your roofing company and see the pride you have in your work. Everyone knows what a stock image looks like. While it may look appealing , to the buyer it can be very unattractive. For the times they may be needed, try to get ones that look as authentic as possible. Images tend to be large files that can bog down our sites speed. Make sure to compress images before loading them to your website . 

Consistency: If your home page is set up a specific way, your services page, contact, and blog pages should follow suit. If every page on your website , looks like a completely different site, you’re bound to draw confusion from your visitors. Ending with them leaving the page and visiting a more consistent and clear one. Our roofing web designer will make sure your site is visually appealing, attractive, and interactive. 

Call to action: It’s not enough to just have people visit our site, after all we want these visitors to become customers. Having a clear offer and call to action on your Roofing Companies website is key. Something as simple as Submitting a form for a free quote will push that visitor into your sales funnel. Your call to action should be placed first and foremost on your website and strategically placed again throughout. The average attention span of humans is 8 seconds, while goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds. We’re currently getting beat by goldfish. You want to keep your call to action and offers in front of website visitors whenever possible to keep your website converting at max. There is also something known as website behavior in the seo world. If people aren’t actually taking action on your site, search engines will stop showing it to your local customers searching for your roofing services.

Page speed: There’s no sense in having an engaging website if your visitors end up leaving. While this might not seem like a big deal, it is. 40% of people will stop engaging with a slow website. Most users expect a page load speed of 2 seconds maximum, and that’s considered on the slower end. Slow page speed also knocks your website down in seo rankings. There are a lot of things that can cause a page to load slowly. Check your page speed at Google’s page speed insights tool here : This will score your sights load time, and let you know what you need to fix to achieve optimal load times on your page.

Optimized across devices: Your website should look great on both desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. If your website is not optimized across devices, your visitors will have a poor user experience and leave your site. Leaving your site = no roofing leads. With an average of 63% of searches coming from mobile devices it is essential users have a good experience no matter the device. 

Contact Information: It should be everywhere. If a customer can’t easily find your contact information, people are clicking off who actually had the intent of converting into a customer. Customers want things to be easy for them when they go onto a website. If your number isn’t located somewhere easily found like at the top of the page and bottom, they are going to click on another website who gives them what they want without the struggle. 

Search Engine Optimization. Your roofing website should be designed with SEO in mind. 

With 75% of consumers basing a company’s credibility on their website design, it’s crucial to have a professional website for your Roofing Company.

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