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Seo Is Essential For Your Roofing Business Because It Get's You To The Top Of All Search Engines. You Will Be Seen By Your Customers When They're Searching For Your Roofing Services And They Will Become FREE Exclusive Roofing Leads.

Everything You Need To Know About SEO For Your Roofing Business

Why is Search Engine Optimization or SEO important for your roofing business? SEO provides your roofing company with guaranteed free roofing leads on autopilot. These leads are high quality and exclusive to your roofing business. SEO allows your customers to find your roofing business online when they are searching for things like, Best Roofing Company, Roof Replacement near me, and much more. You get to the top of search engines for free. Customers click on your website and take action ( Call your business or Submit a Form) , turning them into leads. Only you have access to these roofing leads. Leads aren’t gathered behind the scenes and shared with other roofing companies. They are generated for you only. Imagine being at the top of the search results when someone searches for “Roof Replacement Near me”. That one search is well worth thousands of dollars to you. And the best part of it? That lead was Free and Exclusive, and generated organically through your website’s SEO. That’s what Optimizing your Site for Search Engines Results can do for your business consistently. There are hundreds of thousands of people searching the internet everyday looking for Roofing Companies. You just need to be there.

What makes a site rank? Simply put, Search engines want to provide the most relevant and quality results to the searcher. Therefore, search engines like Google prioritize what to show, and not to show. SEO is the process of optimizing your website so search engines like Google trust your website is the best result for specific search phrases. If your roofing company’s website isn’t optimized, you won’t show up in the first page of Google, let alone the top of the first page where people tend to click. SEO is the foundation to ranking on Google and generating free and exclusive roofing leads for your Roofing Business. 

What does a successful seo campaign look like? A successful SEO campaign for your Roofing Business would provide a consistent flow of leads to your business through the form of phone calls, form submissions on your site, and e-mails. Traffic to your website is generated and your visitors are ones with intent, Calling your roofing company because they need to replace or repair their roof. 

What are the pros of seo for roofing businesses? SEO is the cheapest among the marketing & lead generation strategies for Roofing Companies. Leads can run $100’s or more for Roofers. Leads generated from SEO are free. Meaning you get free roofing leads consistently for your roofing business, just by being on the first page of google at the right time.

What are the most important moving parts of an SEO campaign for roofers? We’re going to get highly technical and lay it all out for you below.  This is not an all encompassing guide, just a brief overview of our work involved in seo for roofers.

Citations – Online directories that have your website, name, address, and phone number. (NAP) and website. Citations are one of the ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. A citation generally includes your Roofing Companies NAP information, or Name , Address ,and Phone Number. Some sites will also allow you to link your website, which you should always take advantage of whenever possible. While citations from sites like Google My Business, Bing, and Facebook are a must have, there are still many other sites you gain citations from. Sites like yellow pages, yelp, angies list, super pages, service magic, youtube, better business bureau, manta, dex knows, yahoo local are all great places for Roofing Companies to get Citations for their SEO. Citations are important because they provide social proof to the search engines. If you see a restaurant that is always empty, would you think twice about eating there? What if they were always packed and your friends and family frequently ate there too! You wouldn’t even have to consider, you’d just walk right in and order your food. That’s how social proof works. Other sites vouch for your business by letting you list on there, and in turn search engines feel obligated to do the same. 

Crawlability and indexability – Is your website actually registered with google and other search engines? When you put information on the internet sites like google will eventually have a bot crawl your website. This process of crawling is to find more data to add to Google’s search pages. That leads us to the next step, Indexing. Indexing is how google saves your websites information and allows it to be added to the search results page. Here are some things you can do to make sure your site is ready to be crawled and indexed. 

*Submit a sitemap to google. 

A sitemap is a small file that contains all direct links to your website. Submitting your information to google puts you on the fast track for google crawlers to check out your site. *Page Speed Crawlers do not have an infinite amount of time to check out your website. They have what is known as a crawl budget. Once that budget is exceeded, they stop crawling and leave your page. If you have slow load times, you’re costing your site crawling budget and missing out on ranking your site. 

*Repeated Content 

Having repeated content on your site, or even pages with very similar content can result in lost rankings, and even have crawlers visit your page less. 

*Fresh Content 

Content is king when it comes to search engines. 

Crawlers tend to visit sites that put out fresh content more frequently, and in turn, crawl and index your page much quicker. If your site cannot be crawled, it won’t be indexed. If it can’t be indexed, you won’t be on the Search engine results page.

 Backlinks News stations, chamber of commerce, bni, associations, suppliers like lowes, home depot…etc. Backlinking is when a site links to your website. Being one of the primary ranking factors for google, every SEO plan comes with a strategy for backlinking. Just like Citations, Backlinks are another form of a search engine’s Social Proof. It’s based on the fact that website owners, generally will not link to a site with bad content. Creating a backlink profile of quantity and quality backlinks helps you rank higher on google. Being part of associations such as the chamber of commerce, BNI Groups, or Roofing & Builder Associations, also come with perks of backlinking. Most of these groups have a place for you to backlink your website and help your organic rankings. Also being a partner of bigger stores like lowes or home depot. You can even get high quality backlinks from suppliers like CertainTeed & GAF. Sites like these have already built up a great reputation with search engines. Getting backlinks helps us piggyback off their success.

Web page speed – Is your website fast, and is it optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet? A slow website affects more than you might imagine. Prospective customers leaving and going to a competitor’s site ( most will wait a maximum of 2 seconds before leaving ), Search Engines not able to crawl and index your data. ( You don’t rank on Google ) Your website should also be optimized across mobile devices and desktops. Most traffic on websites comes from mobile devices, so If you have a site which is only optimized for desktop, your visitors will have a poor user experience and you will have poor conversions. The same can be said if you’re only optimizing for mobile and not desktops. Speed up your website, Optimize your site across devices, enhance your users experience and get more conversions from your website. Enhanced user experience means you convert more visitors into paying customers. 

Behavior – Do you have a high converting website with strong offers and calls to action? Most websites convert at __ -___% rate, our website convert at a 20%-40% rate. Are people actually opting in, calling, submitting forms.Is your website converting visitors into customers? If you answered no, you have a low or no converting website. Most websites convert on average 5-12%. Meaning 5-12% of your visitors will turn into a call, form submission, or e-mail. Our High Converting Websites convert visitors at a 20-40% rate. A key difference between these websites is how you instruct your visitors to act. If there is no Call To Action and No Strong Offers what else are they supposed to do but click around ? You need to usher your visitors into a certain direction. And that direction is to take a specific action. Whether it is to call your business or submit a form. Never forget the reason you have a website is to turn visitors into paying customers.

 Keywords – Keywords are a big part in your Roofing Companies ability to rank online. While it may seem simple, there is quite a bit involved in choosing the right keywords when you want to get on page one of the search results. You need to take things into account when placing keywords on your website, things like: 

  • Keyword relevance and Searcher Intent 
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis 
  • Whether to use Short tail Keywords or Long tail Keywords 
  • The volume of searches for that particular keyword or phrase. 

Here’s an example of some short tail keywords we use to generate loads of free leads for our roofing clients. 

City+Roofers – City+Roofing – City+Roofing Contractor – City+Roof Replacement – City+Commercial Roofers – City+Roof Repair – City+Roofing Company. 

Here’s an example of some long tail keywords that generate massive amounts of leads for Roofing Companies. – Local Roofing Repair Companies – Metal Roof Repair Company – Metal Roof Replacement Companies – Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement – Roof Replacement Companies – Best Commercial Roofing Companies – Cedar Roofing Replacement Contractors – Free Roof Repair Estimates – Roofing Replacement Contactor – Roofing Companies With Financing. These are just a few of the keywords we use to get a high volume of leads for your Roofing Company.

Metadata Metadata is unseen to your visitors, but is visible to Google’s crawlers in the HTML of your Roofing Website. Google Crawlers use metadata to understand more of what your website is about. While there are many MetaTags, we’re going to focus on the ones that will directly affect your site’s SEO, ability to show up in front of leads, and get clicks that convert. Alt Text: Alt text describes the images on your website. Google crawlers use this data to understand more about your website’s images, and affect your ranking. Schema Markup : Schema markup is using code to explain to search engines in their language what our website is about, and help them show our website accurately on the search engine results page. GeoTagging: Geo tagging is essential for Local Businesses. If you’re a roofer and you work locally, you don’t want to be getting calls from customers 3 states away. Geo tagging is the process of strategically placing your location next to relevant keywords. This helps the search engines more accurately display your website . The process of geotagging also helps your site get in front of leads with a higher intent of buying. When customers search Roofing company, they could easily still be in the researching and not quite ready to make a purchase, But when they type in Roofing Company in Bucks County, this shows more of an immediate need in the search. In marketing, search terms like this have what we call high buyer intent. 

Title tags: Your title tag determines your display title in the SERPs (Search engine Results Page) If your page ranks well, but your title doesn’t make the searcher click your site, you won’t convert any visitors into leads. Keeping your tags short, unique, and creating them with your customers search in mind will provide the best results. 

Viewport Meta Tag: This shows the browser how to render your page. A non-existent or bad viewport tag can result in poor site rendering and poor user experience. 

Meta Description: Meta description is used to describe what your website is about in the search engine results. This is the ad underneath the title of your page. Write this as if you are selling your website to the searcher, keep it under 160 words, and watch the leads click your page.

The website – SEO is built off of your website. You need to have great On Page SEO To rank your Roofing company’s website. There are a number of things that need to be implemented to achieve this such as having a page for each one of your services, the type of roofs that you offer, and pages for the locations that you service.

 Optimizing Search Engine Profiles – When trying to rank you need to consider organic results, and the local 3 pack. The local 3 pack is the 3 businesses that show on the map at the top of the search engines results page ( SERP ). When ranking for the 3 pack, having optimized search engine profiles is 30% of the work. That doesn’t mean you can optimize your search engine listings and automatically rank. That won’t happen. But it does show how important these factors are in your ability to rank in the 3 pack. Listing organically has another whole set of requirements. Posting relevant and rich content and photos frequently on your Google My Business, Bing Business, and Yahoo Business accounts is absolutely necessary if you want to generate roofing leads organically online. Make sure all your contact information, business hours, and addresses are consistent across sites . Sometimes searchers will suggest an edit to your business information to the search engines, thinking they’re helping, leading to inaccurate and inconsistent data. But inconsistencies across listings can harm your ability to rank on the first page. Having as many reviews as your business could possibly receive is never a bad thing. Reviews play a big part in ranking local businesses . Always ask for reviews from satisfied customers, ask them to include keywords such as “Roofing Company” in their review, and always respond to your reviews. This looks great to prospective Roofing clients, and also to the search engines.

Content – Content is one of the most important factors Google takes into account when ranking your website. The phrase Content is King is well known and for good reason. It is very common that business owners will just throw keywords like roofing, roofer, roofing contractor, ect. all over their website (even when it doesn’t really make any sense) in the hopes that is what will get them on page one. Well, that little awful tactic is known as keyword stuffing, and while it actually doesn’t work, it can actually make things worse. Google has been known to penalize websites that try to get around producing quality content for searchers. Google does rely on keywords, however, Google is smart enough to not only understand the keywords, but also the context of the keywords. And if you’re just spewing the word roofer all over your website, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The only shortcut is to do it right the first time. Write quality content often, about the services that you offer and include relevant keywords as they pertain to your content. Google will recognize the authenticity and reward you for it, Putting you on the path to organic lead generation.

 Reviews – Reviews don’t just make your business look good to potential clients, they also play a big part in Google’s ranking algorithm. Your business listing is basically ranked out of how relevant it is, its prominence, authority, and distance from the searcher. That being said, a business listing with hundreds of good reviews could easily rank above a business that’s closer. Every satisfied customer is a chance to get a good review, not just for your roofing company’s reputation, but also for your SEO. Make it easy for roofing customers to leave you reviews. Send them a text with a link to your google review section. You can get this link in your google my business account. This will take them directly to leaving a review on your site. Asking customers to include keywords like “ roofing company ” in your reviews is also a big part in making your reviews work for your rankings.

Audits – SEO audits help to track your ranking efforts and make adjustments as necessary. An audit is a great way to see if your Roofing Company can benefit from an SEO expert’s help. Once an audit is performed on your Roofing Companies site, a strategy is put in place to get your SEO on track. This is always the starting point in your SEO journey, as not all sites will need to start the SEO process in the same areas in order to rank. Once you start the process of optimizing your site for search engines, audits will be frequently done to ensure the efforts of your Search Engine Optimization are proving effective for your intended search keywords. Technical Seo, On page Seo, and Off page Seo are crucial to ranking Roofing Businesses in the Search Engines. 

SEO is the foundation of your Roofing Businesses ability to generate online leads. SEO takes time to work, and is well worth the patience, providing your roofing business with free, exclusive, consistent, and highly qualified leads. You will generally start to see results within the first 4-6 weeks, and continued growth as time goes on. Having a Roofing SEO specialist take care of your company’s SEO is the quickest way to getting your roofing business on the first page of Google and other search engines.


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