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PPC For Roofers

PPC For Roofers
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Get More Customers For Your Roofing Business Immediately With PPC

PPC For Roofers 

There are many lead generation options available for roofing companies, but pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective.Roofing companies that utilize PPC ads can generate a high volume of exclusive and targeted leads quickly and efficiently.Consider these factors when deciding if PPC is best for your roofing lead generation 

Targeted: PPC ads can be targeted to people who are specifically searching for roofing services. This ensures that you are only paying for leads that are actually interested in what you have to offer. 

Cost Effective: Roofing companies can control how much they spend on PPC ads, making it a very cost-effective form of marketing. 

Measurable: PPC ads provide detailed data that roofing companies can use to track their leads and measure their return on investment (ROI). 

Exclusive: Roofing leads generated through PPC are exclusive, meaning, you don’t line up to bid on these leads against other roofing companies. 

Smart Mode & Expert Mode The first step towards massive Roofing Lead generation is having campaigns that are set up in Expert Mode. Using smart mode is only smart for the search engine you’re paying to advertise with. Smart mode is meant to seem easy for businesses to create advertising campaigns. While we can’t argue with that, you’re giving all your power to search engines to advertise your business. This means you won’t have any of the options available to you that are necessary to optimize and scale your Roofing Company’s ad campaign To get the specified targeting we need to scale and create profitable campaigns that dominate your market, Expert Mode is the only option. 


Location Targeting by location has many benefits to your roofing company, here are a few examples:If you want to do roof replacements in the tri-county area , but only do roof repairs in your native county, targeting by location will allow you to do so. If your SEO dominates your county, but you want to show up in searches for surrounding counties, targeting by location will get you those additional Roofing Leads. 

Searcher intent: You want to make sure your ad comes up for people that are interested in your services. Mistakenly using keywords with the wrong searcher intent can cause your ad to display for competitors who are searching for roofing supplies, or DIYers who are intent on doing the job themselves. 

Search Volume: Knowing the volume of search results allows you to set your budget properly. Knowing you’ll get correct placement on the search results page , and maximum amount of roofing leads from your searches. 

Buyer Intent: Some search terms can be worth more than others. Targeting terms that have high buyer intent, meaning they are ready to make a purchase, can result in more conversions from your roofing leads. 

Demographics: Advertising to prospective leads who fit the status of your ideal client. You can choose to advertise to-Homeowners-Over the age of 40-Income over $65,000, Or whoever fits your ideal client status.

Keywords Researching keywords is essential to developing an effective PPC strategy. All sorts of things come in to play when deciding which keywords you want your ads to show up for and how to make that happen. 

Keyword Matching There are numerous different ways to match keywords with search terms.Phrase match (roofing) in any phrase – “how to start a roofing business”. Exact Match (roof replacement) – will show for searches that say “roof replacement” or have the same intent like “roof replace”. Broad Match- (roofing company) – the broadest of all search terms, when used incorrectly you can show up for searches such as, “How to start a roofing business” , and “Tax professional for roofers”. Matching your keywords correctly guarantees you are advertising to the correct people. Not wasting ad spend, and generating irrelevant calls and clicks. Without proper keyword matching your roofing company can show up for all sorts of irrelevant searches. 

Negative keywords Negative keywords play an important role in any successful PPC Campaign. They exclude your ads from showing in search results for products that could seem related to your services in the search engine. For instance , If someone types in rv roof sealing, that’s not something we want to try to get roofing leads out of. Having the right list of negative keywords is another necessary layer to ensure you are only targeting people interested in your roofing services. 

Testing Testing is a no brainer. To get the most our of our Roofing Ad Campaign we want to test everything. We want to test our Ad copy, headlines, our offer, and even our landing page. You always want to get feedback from the market before you decide to run an ad at max capacity. Often we can think something is great , even perfect with our ads, then market tells you otherwise.Listen to your customers and you will exceed your expectations. Monitoring Ad campaigns need to be monitored daily.New ads are entered into the market, offers can start to lose their luster and so many other factors can change your ads results quickly. Watching your campaigns and making adjustments as necessary are required to succeed with PPC ads. Elements of your campaign will need to be changed frequently, and tested time and time again to ensure results. Monitoring your ad campaigns keeps you on top of the game , and producing consistent, relevant and, exclusive roofing leads. PPC AD CAMPAIGNS REQUIRE DAILY MONITORING 

RETARGETING Retargeting is the process of advertising to visitors who clicked our ad and haven’t yet converted. To differentiate between the people who have converted into leads and who haven’t we need to track some things. We don’t want to waste ad budget on targeting visitors that have already converted. To do this we set up tracking on our website. We input a snippet of code on our site that will track our visitors actions and tell our ad campaign know who has converted and who hasn’t .Retargeting is the best way to get the maximum amount of roofing leads possible from your ad clicks. Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert on a website than first time visitors. So if your campaigns are doing great alone, adding retargeting to your ad campaigns can push your roofing leads over the top! Landing PageNo matter how beautiful your website, you shouldn’t be using it for your ad campaigns unless its set up right.When we say set up right, we’re talking about conversions. Since we are paying for our roofing leads, we want to make sure we do everything possible to make our campaigns as profitable as can be.That’s where the science of the Landing Page comes in. A landing page is a simple one page website. It’s set up in a way that ushers your visitors to do one thing, Convert into a Lead for our Roofing company. A High Converting Landing Page should have the following attributes: Directly talks about the ad that was clicked.If they clicked an ad for roof repairs, our site would talk about roof repairs only, and if they clicked an ad for roof replacements, it would only talk about replacements. Strong Offer & Clear Call To Action Your landing page should have a strong offer, and a clear call to action that converts these visitors into leads. That could look like a free quote for the services they searched for and an offer for financing.And a call to action to call your Roofing Company or submit their information through an online form. No Off Page Navigation We spent a lot of time and effort to get the visitor to our high converting landing page. They came here for one reason. To get a solution to their search Query. When given the option to click around on other website pages, people will. They leave your landing page and they generally don’t return.That’s why having a landing page with no outside page links is so essential in your roofing companies ad campaign. Standard websites convert at rates of ___ -____% , our high converting landing pages convert at rates of 20 to 40%. The difference is clear in where to send your Roofing Companies ad traffic.

Cost Per Click Google, Bing, and Facebook shows you the range of which you need to set your cost per click, but ultimately you’ll decide your exact CPC . You’re probably not the only roofer advertising on Google, Bing, and Facebook in your area. If you set your cost per click incorrectly you could be overpaying on clicks to your site, or not showing up at all. Meaning you won’t be able to spend any of your ad budget, or acquire any roofing leads for your company. You need to make sure you set your cost high enough so your ads are shown but also low enough that you’re not spending an unnecessary amount of money on clicks.

Ad Copy & CTR There are a lot of intricacies that come into play when making sure you have a successful ad campaign that’s creating a consistent flow of Roofing leads into your business. Once we know we can target our searchers effectively, we need to make sure we can get their attention and make them click on our ad. After al , no conversions can happen until we get them on that high converting landing page. The percent of which we can turn searchers into “clickers” is called click through rate, or CTR. A great CTR al depends on how well you select offers and write engaging and effective ad copy that speaks to the searcher about their query and entices them to click on your ad.Here we will list a few things to keep in mind when writing your ad copy : *Relevance to the searchers query *Brief but Powerful *Strong offer. Another thing to remember is that you should always test your ad copy.It’s never about what you think as the crafter of the ad It’s about what converts your searchers into visitors and roofing leads, and most times those two things differ vastly. Always test your Ads to get the maximum CTR and number of Leads into your Roofing Business. 

Conversions A conversion is counted as a visitor that takes action to contact our business about our services. A searcher who clicks our roof replacement ad and submits a form is a conversion. A searcher who clicks an ad about emergency roof repair and calls our business is a conversion. Our end goal is to get as many people who click on our ad as possible to convert into a lead for our roofing business. This can only be done by following and implementing the tried, tested & proven methods of PPC advertising.